Khalsa Jewelers stands for design, beauty, craftsmanship–for we understand that fine jewelry captures the spirit of our celebration.

I began our business in 1975 after years of practicing and teaching yoga and meditation, which is still a passion of mine. My approach to jewelry design draws deeply on my meditative tradition as does my personal business philosophy. It is our intention here at Khalsa that our customer is served in the best possible way for creating goodwill in our business.

Over the years I have grown the business based on the family. My love for design comes from a family tradition, and I come from a family with generations of artists.

Our commitment to our customers begins with the intention to provide the best service possible, and to continually improve the way we do things. The Khalsa website represents our latest efforts to enhance customer service, and to offer from a new venue our unique collections of jewelry-both for our longtime customers, and to our new friends.

Enjoy yourself as you browse these pages, and please give us a call or send an email with any questions you have about our jewelry.


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